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Why is White Still the Best Colour for Your New Kitchen

Why is White Still the Best Colour for Your New Kitchen

Interiors fashions come and go, but white has stood the test of time.

Written by –
Dakota Murphey
on October 8th 2019
Dakota Murphey is passionate about interior design. Working as an independent writer she enjoys sharing her knowledge of home improvement and DIY.

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White has been the colour of choice for new kitchens for a long, long time. Interiors fashions come and go, but white – and I include off-whites, greys and other light neutrals in this – has stood the test of time. That said, a quick glance at kitchen trend predictions for 2020 and beyond will tell you in no uncertain terms that colour is back on the menu.


There’s no denying that bold coloured kitchens look fantastic in the showroom and have a refreshing visual appeal that makes a nice change from the pale, neutral tones we’re all used to seeing. But back in the real world where investments into home improvements need to deliver long-term returns, who can afford to fully commit headlong to the next big thing?


The good news is that it is perfectly possible to be on trend without splashing out on coloured kitchen cabinets. Not only will white always be a kitchen classic, it’s the perfect blank canvas to combine with any colour scheme. Financially savvy home owners who love a bit of style in their new kitchen, please take note.

The kitchen that keeps on giving


Let’s start with the obvious: in terms of value for money, you can’t go wrong with a white kitchen. After five, ten or even 15 years your kitchen won’t have dated anywhere near as much as your neighbour’s coloured cabinets. From traditional farmhouse kitchens to sleek contemporary designs, from Shaker style to Scandinavian chic, white units somehow always look right. And if you’re thinking of replacing your old kitchen on account of its old fashioned colour, here’s a budget friendly tip: just change the doors to clean, fresh white ones and give your old kitchen a new lease of life.


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A perfect complement for any architectural style


Whether you live in compact city flat, a modern family home, an Edwardian residence or a country cottage, a white kitchen will always look fabulous. The absence of colour acts as the ultimate blank canvas for any style of architecture and building design. Use your kitchen furniture as a backdrop to show off beautiful period features without competing with the building’s natural charm. Install a statement kitchen to lift a humdrum building and give the heart of your home the wow factor. When you think about it, it’s no wonder that white kitchens are perennial favourites.

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Creating the illusion of space and light


As every interior designer will tell you, dark colours in a room can make everything feel closed in, while light colours have the opposite effect. Install white kitchen cabinets and the room will feel instantly bigger, that’s a fact. The white surface helps to bounce the light around the space, creating the illusion of openness. This is particularly useful if your kitchen is on the small side or doesn’t get much natural daylight. White kitchens are a favourite design trick for long and narrow galley style kitchens or cramped L shaped rooms, helping to make the space look more generous that it actually is.

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A fresh and clean home ambience


Domestic hygiene is most vigilantly observed in kitchen and bathrooms. These spaces must be scrupulously clean to protect from nasty germs and keep you and your loved ones healthy. That’s where the colour white comes in; it’s the epitome of cleanliness and hygiene. Whereas darker colours may obscure dirt, a clean white kitchen has nothing to hide. If you prefer that squeaky clean clinical feel, all-white room schemes are the way to go. Otherwise, you can add homely touches to a white kitchen with colour accents on walls, floors or with soft furnishings.

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Infinitely adaptable and updatable


It’s a big financial decision to change an outdated kitchen because of its colour, but with a white kitchen you don’t have to! The beauty of having white units is that it makes it a doddle to update the room scheme around your cabinets. Change the ambience whenever you wish, simply by adding different accent colours with wall paint or wallpaper, tiles and splashbacks, accessories and soft furnishings. Once you’ve decided on a new colour scheme, a simple weekend DIY project may be all that’s needed. If nothing else, freshen up the room with artwork on the walls, new tea towels and a bunch of flowers.


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A backdrop for your own personal style


Kitchens have come a long way from the bland, functional rooms of old. These days, a kitchen is an integral part of the home, a shared place to eat and socialise, work and relax – and it should reflect your personality. With white as a neutral background, it’s the perfect space to show off your treasures. Choose striking modern artwork to hang on the walls or pin your kids’ drawings to the fridge. Display favourite object – family heirlooms, travel mementos or junk shop finds – on open shelving. Add feature items such as a kitchen chandelier or colourful rug and inject some personality into your kitchen.

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What colour is your kitchen? Do you like white colour for kitchen or even house decoration? Leave a comment below and share your tips for kitchen decoration with us!

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