Project #9 Features Chic Chevrons in Singapore Apartment |
Project #9 Features Chic Chevrons in Singapore Apartment

Project #9 Features Chic Chevrons in Singapore Apartment

Another project by Studio Wills Architects

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on October 29th 2018
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Koo Guo Jie of Studio Periphery

The latest project from Studio Wills Architecture boasts a warmth and coolness all at once with its chic chevrons and stylish design. This new renovation of an existing apartment sees a complete change, releasing the home of its formal look — with white marble flooring, dark woods and white plastered walls — into something chic and laid back with striking wood patterned walls, and classic mid-century modern inspired furniture. The home owner, a man in his 30s, was looking for a lighter look to his pad, and you can see hints at his aesthetic style for precision.

Entering the apartment you can immediately get a sense of style from the space. A moody hallway provides mysterious corners with a unique twist, with storage space that captures the eyeline yet subtly blends in with its surroundings. Stepping into the living room we’re greeted with space, light and the first hint at the chevron chic that becomes a repeating motif throughout the home — one of the inspirations for the home was a folding Chinese folding screen. This pattern is a beautiful way to recreate that look! The singular screen starts right at the entrance foyer and stretches all the way through to the bedroom, helping to connect fragments of spaces as one.

Our favorite view of this apartment is the black wall backdrop with hints of timber for the furniture and chevron siding along the top of the window frame. Mid-century modern furniture gives the room style and warmth. The lighting fits just right with the stylish look and feel of the space.

The renovation was not without its hiccups! One of the biggest issues was that the original walls, floor and ceiling were not flat. “The new ‘insertions’ in the form of carpentry were a lot more precise and brought out the flaws of the original apartment,” explains Will Ng from Studio Wills Architects. “We devised a ‘gap’ at junctions between the floor/screen/ceiling to negotiate the differences between the original apartment and the new ‘insertions’. These gaps hide concealed lighting which highlight the junction between the original ‘old’ and ‘new’.

The chevron detailing in the room is gorgeous, well paired with the partitions and muted colors.

With the Project #9 you get a sense of the apartment uniting as one, through the theme of the folding Chinese screen and the warm chevron chic panels. The owner was completely enthused by his new kingdom, seeing a total change around from the formal marble look of before. His favorite part of the apartment is the walk-in wardrobe where everything has its place and of course is in its place!

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