Stunning Yellow Accents To Brighten Up Your Space |
Stunning Yellow Accents To Brighten Up Your Space

Stunning Yellow Accents To Brighten Up Your Space

Make a splash with yellow

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on July 3rd 2017
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Yellow home decor accents really help a room pop! Think yellow’s not for you? Don’t be so sure. Yellow stimulates mental activity and aids you in feeling more cheerful. So pull back the gloomy curtains and find the perfect piece of yellow that makes you and your home feel great!

Retro sunshine yellow pear Tivoli radio |
image source

Forget about cloudy days and singing in the rain; this brightly colored speaker system from Tivoli Audio is enough to bring out the sunny skies. Technology these days is presented in gorgeous ways, so you can make your speakers and gadgets suit your room style quite easily.

Round yellow pear mirror in a bright contemporary bedroom |
image source

Banish the basement from doom and gloom! This studio apartment is so colorful and cheerful that it’s hard to believe it’s actually in the basement of the building. The room is organized so that the creative couple can enjoy the apartment with its many segments and sections. The bedroom, however, uses muted grays to create a calmer space.

Garden with blue walls and chairs in boho-chic Mexican family home |
image source

Set against the glorious blue of the walls in this Mexico house, the yellow window frames are a ray of light! Like the tropical feathers of a macaw, it’s an undeniably enchanting pairing of colors. This patio is the designer’s favorite area of the house, and surely you too can imagine sitting back here with a refreshing glass of horchata.

Adjustable Knoll garden chaise seating with yellow pear frame |
image source

Why not pair the window frames with your outdoor furnishings? The Knoll chaise lounge chair in yellow is optimistic about the weather, and perfect for sunning yourself by the pool.

Yellow pear geometric candlesticks from |

Perk up the mantelpiece with this collection of candle stick holders that look dramatic on their own, in clusters, or even without the candle, as an ornament.

Contemporary family living room with yellow pear accents |
image source

What colors do you pair with gray walls? Although they may seem from other ends of the color spectrum, the combination of yellow and gray make a superb duo.

Yellow pear pie chart adjustable office table |
image source

H Furniture has a colorful collection of chairs, stools and tables. For instance, this bright yellow pear pie chart coffee table system. What we especially love about this playful piece is the way you can mix the quarters and circles into different interlocking patterns. Think of it not only as a fun piece of office furniture, but also as a really useful way for those in rental apartments to change up their furniture to really fit the space the way they want it.

Bright sunshine yellow pear 'happy' cushion |
image source

Are you feeling happy yet? Switch up the summer fun by adding yellow cushion covers to your sofa. Mix and match yellow alongside blue or green for tropicalia. Otherwise, pair with red for a vibrant look.

Yellow pear sofa in a contemporary living room with wood floors and red Persian rug |
image source

Muted mustard yellow is the master of moderation, the grown up yellow that you can pair with a glass of red wine. This room shows you how yellow can be mature, paired with a designer lamp and a bountiful bouquet.

Cluster of yellow pear hanging lights |
image source

Artfully clustered, the torch-like lamps from Established & Sons have a tactile nature and ambient light look. Bundled together in an assortment of sizes, they are the modern chandelier for the design devotee.

Contemporary curved yellow pear stool |
image source

Philippe Starck’s Masters Chair is a tribute to three other iconic chairs that are fused together to make something sophisticated and surprisingly practical. In addition to being stackable, this chair is also suitable for both indoors and outdoors.


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